Healthcare Equipment and Backup Generator Installation

New generator for Crofton Care and Rehabilitation Center.Experienced in what healthcare offices and facilities need, Graphic Electric understands that you need to provide secure solutions to your power supply. With you and patients depending on a stable electrical supply and equipment that performs 24/7, we design your backup system to step in at a moments notice.

Recent Healthcare Installations

Please find listed below our recent healthcare industry installations. Please review additional projects in our portfolio.

Crofton Care and Rehabilitation Center – Crofton, Maryland

New Generator

Laundry Equipment at Crofton Care

Why Use Graphic Electric?

Electricians at the Crofton JobWith a combined total of nearly 55 years of professional electrical service experience from equipment repair, complex machinery installation, data cabling, and motor control wiring we provide the electrical services you need, when you need them, with reliable, creative, and cost effective solutions. By providing quality work, keeping our expenses reasonable and within your budget, providing competitive price quotations at no cost, we work hard to earn your trust and even harder to keep it. At Graphic Electric we work hard to be your electrician of choice for all your project needs large and small.

Our value to you as your electrical contractor of choice is that we have a strong experience in the installation of generators and laundry equipment for healthcare facilities. Don't choose an electrician for your project who needs to learn how to install your specialized equipment, choose the experienced professional electricians at Graphic Electric!

Graphic Electric is Insured and Bonded for Your Healthcare Project

Graphic Electric carries insurance that exceeds the limits required by each state and is bonded when required by the project. Please ask us about your specific needs for insurance and bonding today.